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  Tournament Guidelines


  1. Our GOAL is to have fun and provide a positive and competitive environment for what are probably the top 1000 youth lacrosse players in the Pacific Northwest.  We need everyone’s help in obtaining that GOAL.


  1. Please check our web site for schedule updates, www.battleoflakeoswego.com


  1. The ZERO TOLERANCE RULE will be in effect and strictly enforced at all times during the tournament.  Fighting, unsportsmanlike conduct, inappropriate language or abusive conduct by team officials, players, or spectators will not be tolerated.  Any such conduct may be grounds for removal from the tournament.


  1. No one has a “HALL PASS” to yell at our Ref’s.  No One.  Coaches and team managers are responsible for keeping their fans within reason.  Before you start in on a ref, ask yourself if you would want your son treated this way.  (There is very high odds that if your son is playing here this weekend he will probably be refereeing youth lacrosse in a couple of years)  Our ref’s are the finest ref’s from throughout the Portland area and this weekend they are “MY SONS.”  Treat them accordingly….


  1. Since everyone understands Guideline #3 this is just wasting bits but… The referees have been instructed to give one warning.  If the behavior continues by a coach, parent, or player the team will be given a 1-minute non-releasable penalty.  If it happens a 2nd time by the same party, they will be ejected.  If it continues after that, the team will forfeit the game and the offending party will be asked to leave the Tournament.


  1. Detailed rules have been posted to our web site, please review them and understand them, as that is what our ref’s will be enforcing no sense stacking the odds against you by not knowing the rules.


  1. Our user agreement with the Schools requires Absolutely no WALL BALL.  So let me clarify, if a surface is hard and you can throw a ball against it and it will bounce back to you…don’t do it. 


  1. Orthopedic & Fracture Clinic, one of the best Orthopedic groups in Portland has graciously provided Athletic Trainers for our event.  They will be stationed at Lakeridge High School (all days) and at Lakeridge Junior High (Saturday/Sunday). Please let any Field Marshal know if you require assistance.  Be sure to notify the Tournament Committee of any 911 calls.


  1. Food & Drink will be sold throughout the day at Lakeridge High School and Lakeridge Jr High.  There will be water available to be purchased at other fields of play.


  1. No Dogs on any Fields.